Linguaphone Language Learning Solutions March 8, 2017

Language Training – A key to Global Communication

Language Training is integral to success in the International setting. It is increasingly recognized as a key element in assignment success.

The ability to communicate in the local language of International colleagues and clients facilitates relationship building and fosters an atmosphere of credibility and trust.

Knowledge of the local language gives international assignees a more thorough understanding of the host country’s culture. Attaining a high level of linguistic proficiency can mean the difference between the success and failure of an International assignment. Increasingly, there is need for highly specialized training such as accent reduction, business writing in the target language, contract negotiation and skills to deliver presentations or conduct interviews.

Having linguistically proficient personnel is often the best way to build and maintain relationships with local nationals. As users confidence in the target language increases, so does their ability to identify opportunities and broaden business capabilities.

It is recommended to have Language Programs which creates success & confidence in all paths of life by solving the problem of international communication skills in any international language with effective language learning solutions.

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Learning The Arabic Language February 15, 2017

The Arabic language is an ancient tongue that dates back to earlier than the 6th century. It is a language steeped in history, and shrouded in mystery. Today, the Arabic language is the 5th most spoken language on the planet, and it is the official language in many Middle Eastern countries, such as Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia. If you are interested in the study of ancient Near Eastern history, modern Middle Eastern history, religion, or foreign language, learning the Arabic language will help you in your academic pursuits. There are several ways you can go about learning how to read, write, and speak Arabic.

If you feel that you should learn the Arabic language for academic reasons, you have options. You can attend a college or University, and earn your degree in Arabic. You could also choose to minor in the language, which will supplement your education if you earn a degree in religion, history, archaeology, or even art history. A degree or a minor in Arabic will help you to translate ancient documents and literature, which will give you wonderful research capabilities. If you do receive your degree in Arabic, you will be highly knowledgeable in a very formal dialect of the language, both written and conversationally. Also, if you have military aspirations, knowing how to communicate in Arabic would be useful, given today’s military climate.

If you have plans to travel extensively to an Arabic speaking country such as Egypt or Morocco, consider taking accelerated foreign language courses online before you go. By learning the basics of a foreign language, you show that you are culturally sensitive and genuinely interested in the country by learning to communicate with locals in their native tongue. You won’t look “touristy” by carrying a book or stumbling through questions to local residents, and you will have a greater appreciation for the culture you are experiencing on your travels. Your travels will be more enjoyable, exciting, and educational.

There are several advantages to learning how to read and speak the Arabic language through an online accelerated course. You will find that doing so via the Internet is very convenient. And your studies won’t interfere with your work and personal commitments. Often, courses are completed at your own pace, with no set class times. You can study Arabic from the comforts of home. All of your work is submitted online, and you will find many opportunities to interact with qualified instructors if you have questions. You will find that the fees for enrolling in an online Arabic language course are reasonable as well.

Whether you are a student of ancient history, religion, or archaeology and you feel that learning the Arabic language will give you a leg up in carrying out your research, or you are making plans to travel to an Arabic speaking country like Egypt or Morocco in the near future and want to be able to ask where the bathroom is or order dinner from the menu in their language, you have options as to how to learn the language. By studying Arabic at a college or University, you will gain a complete knowledge of reading formal Arabic, which will undoubtedly assist you in your academic research. By taking an online course in Arabic, you will be able to quickly and conveniently learn the basics of the language, which will make your travels abroad less stressful, and more enjoyable. Taking the time to learn the Arabic language will allow you to immerse yourself into an interesting new culture, perhaps help to change a few stereotypes, enhance your travels, and supplement your academic pursuits.

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Learn A Foreign Language Online January 5, 2017

Knowing more than one language in today’s world is not so unusual. With cultural barriers coming down, and many people living in and visiting non-native countries, it makes sense to have at least a basic knowledge of one or more languages other than your native tongue. It has never been easier than it is today to learn a foreign language. Taking a foreign language course online is a convenient and even speedy way to learn another tongue for work, for travel, or for your own personal enrichment.

When you decide that you want to learn a foreign language online, you have several options available to you. You can enroll in an online college or University language program, and earn your degree in the foreign language of your choosing. If time is a factor, you can choose from many accelerated language programs offered online. If you choose to receive a degree in a foreign language, you will come away not only with a college education, but you will more than likely come away being fluent in the language you studied, both written and conversationally. This has many advantages for you career-wise. An accelerated course will probably give you a good basic foundation of a foreign language, which will be helpful in business-related travels.

The advantages of learning a foreign language for your career are numerous. Being fluent in a language like French, Spanish, or German will allow you to communicate with your peers and associates abroad, eliminating the need for a translator. Also, if your job demands that you be relocated abroad, learning the native tongue of the country to which you are transferring will ease your transition there. You will find the cultural differences far less stressful if you are able to understand what people around you are saying! In addition, learning a foreign language opens up whole new career paths for you. If you become fluent in one or more languages, you have the opportunity to be certified as a foreign language translator. This challenging career opportunity requires you to be fluent in one or more language, and to be knowledgeable in another industry, such as law, healthcare professions, or business. Working as a translator, you would be bridging the gap between English and non-English speaking associates by converting documents of all types so that each party is able to understand them. In this position, you can work full-time for a larger firm, or you can strike out on your own as a freelance translator, and make your own work schedule and workload.
If you have plans to travel extensively to one or more countries, consider taking accelerated foreign language courses online. By learning the basics of a foreign language, you show cultural sensitivity by learning to communicate with locals in their native tongue. You won’t look like a typical tourist by carrying around a book, and you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the culture of the country you are visiting. Your travels will be more enjoyable and enriching. Leaving your comfort zone and learning another language is an ideal way to educate and improve yourself.

There are many advantages to learning a foreign language online. Whether you decide to enroll in a degree program or simply take a few accelerated courses, you will find that doing so online is very convenient. Often, courses are completed at your own pace, with no set class times. All work is submitted online, and you will find many opportunities to interact with instructors and peers. Additionally, if you are learning a foreign language for your job, many employers are willing to pay the tuition and fees for courses taken in relation to work.

So, whether you are being transferred to a new job abroad and you need to learn the native tongue or you are making plans to travel to another country in the future and want to be able to ask where the bathroom is in their language, learning a foreign language online is convenient and easy. Taking the time to learn a foreign language can ease the transition for you in a new position abroad, help you immerse yourself into an interesting new culture, and even provide you with new and interesting career opportunities.

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The Measure of a Man December 11, 2016

Since the end of the Industrial Age, men have lacked proper male role models. Pampered by our cushy white-collar jobs, our hands had become soft and our will has turned to mush. We have become the proverbial ‘yes man’ of the corporate world lacking a spine, slithering around with a knife behind our backs, looking for someone to stab so we can climb the snakes and ladders of financial success. Perhaps we think, Maybe the girls will like me now that I have my cool new car and luxurious bachelors pad.

Where are the real men of yesterday? The ones who worked hard all day till their muscles burned; the ones with blisters on their hands and calluses on their feet, the man that women swoon for at first sight? The answer is, Theyre all dead, Jim. All thats left is us backstabbing, spineless, slithering yes-men.

The real men may be dead, but their lessons from the past, live on. Let’s learn from our forefathers, what it means to be a mans man.

#1 A Man Must Be Bold
In Chinese philosophy, a man’s body composes mainly of Yang chi the essence of male energy, representing vigour and vitality. Yang is forceful, the aggressor, and symbolised by fire and heat. Women on the other hand, compose of Yin chi, the cooling, receptive energy that surrounds everything. Yin is subtle, the receiver, and represented by flowing water.

Being a man, it is your duty to represent the essence of Yang chi. There is no time for beating around the bush, being too shy to ask for what you want, and being unsure of yourself. You have to be bold; it is your duty to be bold. You are the Yang, the aggressor. If you want to know a woman, you have to make the approach. You cant possibly wait for her to make the approach, shes Yin. Shes the shy, receptive one who is waiting for you to approach her. Let her be the Yin, dont try to reverse roles and be the shy man who cant even say Hi. Ive never heard someone say, Hah, hes such a wuss for thinking she would even talk to him What you will usually hear is, Wow man, youve got guts! I wish I could do that.

Women are attracted to men who can be their pillar of strength, someone they can lean on, a shoulder to cry on; boldness is a representation of that inner strength. You can define boldness as the courage to act, turning your fear into strength, accepting rejection and pain as a natural consequence for daring to achieve your dreams.

Boldness also applies to business and life in general. The British Special Air Service (SAS) has a famous motto: Who Dares Wins. If youve got the brains, the guts and the tenacity, then chances are, success is yours. Listen to what German Philosopher, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

#2 A Man Must Live with Honour
Honour is a virtue of the Gentleman. Having honour means that you commit yourself to following a specific set of moral guidelines. People trust an honourable persons word as a guarantee of future moral performance. Nowadays, we sometimes use the word Integrity to represent honour.
Learning to live with honour will make you more of a man than ten years of corporate snakes and ladders can. Your promise must be a solemn commitment that you will keep to, no matter what. Your word must be as good as gold, if not better.

Building an honourable reputation is no easy task. It means total commitment to upholding your integrity and living your life by defined moral principles. If you are successful, your good name will spread. People will recognize you as a trustworthy individual, whom they can count on to take care of the largest responsibilities, and entrust with the most confidential secrets. Taking on more responsibilities and secrets, can raise your life to new levels of prosperity and plenty. But be warned if you ever breach that trust by committing just one selfish or perverse act, what could take you a lifetime to establish, you can destroy overnight.

In the present Communication Age, good news travels fast and bad news travels even faster. The only way to stop the bad news is to never allow it to be created. So mind your actions because people listen to what you say, but they watch what you do.

Place your hand over your heart and say
Let my principles be my guiding light, distilled from my highest wisdom about what is right. Let my morals stand tall and true, let them choose what I do.
Now touch your head and say So Be It!

Make a difference today, put your foot down and be bold about upholding your honour. Adhere to your principles. Never do anything that would compromise your integrity and the trust people have in you. In return for your efforts, you will create more flow in your life; opportunities will come faster and more abundantly. You will have the chance to live your life to its fullest potential and splendour. So be a man of honour, your life depends on it.

#3 A Man Must Be Magnanimous
Magnanimous means to have a generous, forgiving and noble nature. Simply put, magnanimous people have a big heart. They are gracious and kind, philanthropic and benevolent. A magnanimous gentleman gives generously and expects nothing in return. He takes joy simply in seeing those around him happy. He is an intriguing conversationalist and tells jokes to make others laugh.

A mans magnanimity does not allow him to easily take offence at the words and actions of others. Anything potentially offensive is simply seen for what it truly is wind passing through the trees. Like bamboo, he will never break, but only bend with the direction of the wind.

When you have mastered magnanimity, you will intuitively understand that there is a Law of Increasing Returns in the universe which states, Whatever you give out will come back to you ten times stronger. For example, if you look down on someone, ten more people will look down on you. If you cheat $500 from an old woman, sometime down the road, you will lose $5000. Likewise, if you contribute $200 out of the goodness of your heart, $2000 will be available for you to earn back. Perhaps through your business or in a sudden lottery windfall.

If you choose to let your greed get the better of you, manipulate others to your benefit, and refuse to help the needy, you can only expect poverty, hate and disappointment to head your way. You reap what you sow; you get whatever you give out. This is a universal law.

A magnanimous man knows that helping others does not exhaust his resources, but rather because of the Law of Increasing Returns, it increases his resources tenfold, allowing him to do more good for the world. He knows that in helping others, he is also helping himself.

Develop the habit of solving other peoples problems and you become a more generative person. You produce and contribute more than the average guy, and thus earn more because you deliver more value to others.

Take little steps starting today, to make these characteristics a part of your character. Help someone in need, keep a promise, dare to speak up. Challenge yourself to become a mans man: Be Bold, be Honourable, Be Magnanimous.

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